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Cofi-Com is a leading supplier of green coffee, delivering the largest premium range of green bean coffees from around the world, to coffee roasters in Australia , New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

We have always operated and positioned ourselves as a flexible and independent importer and supplier of green bean coffees, servicing all roasters, from large-scale to boutique, importing specialty green coffees from more than 25 countries. Cofi-Com is also a leading supplier of syrups, teas and chocolate powder to the indusry throughout Australia.

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Latest Coffees

Just in; two Arabica's from China's Yunnan Province - Alpha and Honey Process. Arrivals expected in June include Nicaraguan, Honduran and Kenyan Microlots, Cuban Superior, Yemen Mocha Motari and Sidamo Grade 3  

Our Green Bean Coffee Range

Our huge range of green bean coffees is the most diverse and offers the highest quality products to meet the specific needs of Australia's coffee roasting community.

Coffee Range

Market & Product Trends

Keep up-to-date with the latest product information and global coffee market updates, ensuring you keep ahead of the market trends and moves.

Markets and Trends

Consultancy & Product Development

We also offer a range of market consultancy and product development services to assist you in developing your coffee roasting business.